Zoom8 Worlds 2017 has ended


The World Championship for the Zoom8 class has ended for this time. Thanks to all sailors, coaches, parents, and officials for making this event a special event. We all went through light winds, shifting winds, strong winds, sun, rain, and thunder during this championship and the varying conditions was mastered excellently by the sailors. The conditions were even better handled by our gold, silver, and bronze medalists in the Girls and Boys class, respectively.

In the Girls class we especially congratulate the gold medalist Lilian Tanhuanpää from Finland,  the silver medalist Arina Latynina from Russia, and the bronze medalist Emma Grönblom from Finland.

In the Boys class we especially congratulate the gold medalist Jakob Haud from Estonia, the silver medalist Lucas Karlemo from Finland, and the bronze medalist Dmitry Golovkin from Russia.

We hope everybody have had a great time and made a lot of new friends during the past week and that many of you will meet again at the next championship.

(more images from the event may be found via this Link)

//Råå Jolleklubb

M32 Sailing with Flux Sailing Team

The first 25 youths will be sailing with the M32 from 13:00 and the rest of them from 15:30, see list in this link –Flux List-.

The boat will take 4-5 people at a time and every trip will be about 15- 20 minutes. We will meet up under the FLUX-flag to take every group of 4-5 people to the boat. Please be there in due time so that we are able to keep up the tempo.

Bring your life jacket and, if you have any, your sailing gloves.

Lay day adventure for lucky ones

Flux sailing team will be at the venue during the racing week sailing with their M32. During the opening ceremony participants in the championship will be part of a draw for joining the Flux sailing team in sailing the M32. The lucky sailors will get the opportunity to sail with the crew for a couple of minutes during the lay day. More information will be presented later.

The picture is from “m32series.com”, photograph by Anton Klock.

Preliminary schedule for the championship

This is a preliminary schedule for the championship days.

Sunday 30 july – Registration and measurement.  09.00-18.00

Monday 31 july – Registration, measurement 09.00-12.00, tune-up-race 14.00, and opening ceremony. 

Tuesday 1 august – Race day 1

Wednesday 2 august – Race day 2

Thursday 3 august – Reserve day

Friday 4 august – Race day 3

Saturday 5 august – Race day 4, price giving and closing ceremony. 

Welcome to Zoom 8 World Championship 2017

Sweden, Helsingborg, and Råå Jolleklubb whish all Zoom8 sailors welcome to the 2017 World Championship 30 July – 5 August on our wonderful sailing arena in Öresund just south of Helsingborg and Helsingør. 

Our base is in Råå Marina which is part of the old fishing village Råå. Öresund is the strait that forms the border between Sweden and Denmark and is one of the busiest waterways in the world. The race area is situated just outside Råå Marina and is well separated from the commercial traffic. The area has experienced dinghy racing for many years and have hosted some great national and international regattas. From Råå Marina you can easily walk to the village of Råå and it’s a fifteen-minute drive from the city of Helsingborg to the harbour.

Our facilities are easily accessible by highway from Denmark via the bridge between Copenhagen – Malmö and also by highway from Norway through Gothenburg, and by highway from Stockholm Sweden where ferries from both Finland and Estonia are landing. The highways passing through Helsingborg has exits about 5 km from the harbour. More information of Helsingborg and Råå may be found on the web:www.visithelsingborg.com/en/